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The Importance of Partner Support and Psychological Status in Smoking Cessation [Eurasian J Pulmonol]
Eurasian J Pulmonol. 2017; 19(2): 100-103 | DOI: 10.5152/ejp.2017.97759  

The Importance of Partner Support and Psychological Status in Smoking Cessation

Onur Turan1, Pakize Ayşe Turan2, Arzu Mirici3
1Clinic of Pulmonology, İzmir Katip Çelebi University Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, İzmir, Turkey
2Clinic of Pulmonology, Menemen State Hospital, İzmir, Turkey
3Department of Pulmonology, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University School of Medicine, Çanakkale, Turkey

Objective: The habit of smoking is more common in members of a family living in the same house. People with psychiatric symptoms smoke more cigarettes. We conducted a study to examine whether the psychological status of couples and partner support affects smoking cessation success.
Methods: The outpatients who started taking a therapy for smoking cessation between July 2014 and January 2015 in our clinic were included in this prospective, single-center study. Each couple was assessed on the basis of the Marital Adjustment Scale (MAS) and Hospital Anxiety-Depression Scale (HADS). The smoking status of the participants was assessed after 6 months, and they filled out the Partner Interaction Questionnaire (PIQ).
Results: Of 141 volunteers, 55% joined the smoking cessation program as couples. A total of 55.3% of the participants managed to quit smoking. Further, 42.3% of couples quitted smoking. Nearly 96.2% of couples had the same result regarding smoking cessation. The smoking cessation rate was significantly lower in couples with high anxiety depression scores (participant: p=0.028 and 0.037; partner: p=0.003 and 0.007), smoker partners (p<0.01), and participants with low marital adjustments (p<0.01). Logistic regression analysis showed that the independent parameters affecting smoking cessation success were support and the smoking status of partners (p<0.001 and 0.021, respectively).
Conclusion: Partner support and psychological status were important parameters associated with smoking cessation. The presence of non-smoker partners made quitting smoking easier. Reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms and support of partners may help in smoking cessation.

Keywords: Marital adjustment, partner support, psychological status, smoker partner, smoking cessation

Onur Turan, Pakize Ayşe Turan, Arzu Mirici. The Importance of Partner Support and Psychological Status in Smoking Cessation. Eurasian J Pulmonol. 2017; 19(2): 100-103

Corresponding Author: Onur Turan, Türkiye

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