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Evaluation of Tobacco Control Law at Cafe’ and Restaurants [Eurasian J Pulmonol]
Eurasian J Pulmonol. 2015; 17(1): 42-48 | DOI: 10.5152/ejp.2015.70037  

Evaluation of Tobacco Control Law at Cafe’ and Restaurants

Hilal Özcebe1, Burcu Küçük Biçer1, Nazmi Bilir1, Sema Attila2, Hakan Doğruel2, Burçin Kaya2, Mahmut Cesur2, Betül Bıçakçı2, Tan Ayık2, Semaye Türk2, Mehmet Ali Harbelioğlu2
1Institute of Public Health, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara
2Department of Public Health, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara

Objective: This study was conducted in order to evaluate ideas of some cafe and restaurants’ clients and workers about the tobacco control law three years after entering into force in a central district in Ankara in 2008.
Methods: In the descriptive study;105 management, 113 worker and 386 client was visited, face to face interviews were done using two different questionnaire form and another form for managements’ evaluation. SPSS 15.0 statistical package program, Chi-square and t-tests were used. Administrative leave was taken.
Results: Mean age of workers was 30.1±8.32 years; 82.3% were men, 54.0% smoker; with clients the values are 27.7±8.61 years; 53.6% women and 39.4% were smokers. There’s a difference between smokers and non- smokers’ ideas about the hazards; death due to second-hand smoking (p=0.024; p<0.01). 80.3% of smokers and 74.3% of non-smokers knew the law in restaurants serving alcoholic beverages. Acceptance of the idea of the law could help to quit smoking was significantly different between smoker/non smoker workers and smoker/non smoker clients (p=0.004;p<0.001). According to observations, 7.6% of the managements didn’t have law related plaque, 94.1% had smoking free areas, 57.1% had show window, 22.7% had smoking individuals and 12.6% had ashtray.
Conclusion: Tobacco use is an individualistic reality but also a public health issue. Publicly acceptance of 45 law and implementations are needed besides individual perceptions. Implementations must be inspected and Smokers’ observance of the rules must be supplied in order to decrease tobacco use and related health complications.

Keywords: Cafe, law, management, restaurant, tobacco

Hilal Özcebe, Burcu Küçük Biçer, Nazmi Bilir, Sema Attila, Hakan Doğruel, Burçin Kaya, Mahmut Cesur, Betül Bıçakçı, Tan Ayık, Semaye Türk, Mehmet Ali Harbelioğlu. Evaluation of Tobacco Control Law at Cafe’ and Restaurants. Eurasian J Pulmonol. 2015; 17(1): 42-48

Corresponding Author: Burcu Küçük Biçer, Türkiye

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